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Shura Council of the Eritrean Islamic Congress Hold it’s third periodic
On the evening of Thursday the thirtieth of the month of Safar 1432 AH corresponding to the third of February 2011 was opened by the Shura Council of the Islamic Conference, the Eritrean work session held the third theme (the stability of the matter and resolve the majority), which lasted two days, included in opening on the word of the President of the Islamic Congress, Professor Hasan Salman noted where the situation of the country's internal and the size of the suffering of our people Eritrean by the practices of the regime and its policies, also addressed the situation of Eritrean opposition in the forefront of the alliance, which is witnessing the preparations and preparations for a conference league soon, and the National Congress next one important political events of the opposition Eritrean to be able to move To stage more responsible, and reviewed the President's speech situations Sudan the current and the results of the referendum and the implications of political and security on the region, referring to the popular revolts sequence in the Arab world that aspire to freedom, justice and building a new future in their home countries, saying they put us to the political aspects and the new social and economic in the region. 
Following the address by the President of the Islamic Congress to stop the Council on the performance of the organization in various areas of work through the report of literary, financial, and conducted by an assessment and accounting and in accordance with the decisions and programs that passed by, was a bus with many achievements as compared to security conditions and material experienced by the organization, and met with an appreciation and recognition from the Council . One of the main issues that have received serious and deep discussions of political activity in the relations with the Eritrean organizations, and records and agreements made by the executive leadership, have found recognition. Council also approved a number of scenarios put forward by the Executive Office of the internally oriented programs, and programs aimed at building relationships with the political forces and strengthen the role of the Eritrean opposition. In addition to building relationships that serve our cause with friendly destinations outside the framework of the Eritrean arena. 
At the conclusion of its work the Council issued a series of decisions reached through discussions in all the meeting's agenda, will be the most important in the final communiqué of the Meeting of the Council.


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