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In a Feminist Forum Hassan Salman: (Since our people are religious, it is not surprising that Islamic movements appear)

In a Feminist Forum Hassan Salman: (Since our people are religious, it is not surprising that Islamic movements appear) (The civil state is to maintain the unity of the Eritrean people and their land) 
On the sidelines of the meetings convened by the Eritrean Islamic Conference delegation in the national dialogue forum for democratic change, the delegation organized on Monday night 02/08/2010 a meeting with 25 women participants in the Forum, from various countries (Muslim and Christian) in the presence of several members of the Australian participants delegation, where Mr. Hassan Salman, head of the Eritrean Islamic Conference addressed the Eritrean women, giving in his introduction a historical background of the concept of coexistence through the directives of the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, and he numbered features of Abyssinia and its people who have embraced companions of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him in the heart of Islam, stressing that Eritrea incubator of religions hadn’t any religious wars, and recalled that the Eritreans are religious people and this is not surprising that the Islamic movements appear in Eritrea, but the important thing is what the Islamic movements to offer?. Mr. Hassan Salman showed the vision of the Islamic Conference in the Eritrean State, which asserts that it was a multi-religious, ethnic, cultural and political, it is difficult to impose any party to another party agenda and ideas, pointing out that the civil state is the best suited for Eritrea to maintain the unity of the Eritrean people and geography, and stated that power in the concept of the Islamic Conference comes from the people and no one has the right to impose by force, people elect, remove, and control it. The talk about choice is impossible without freedom of religion, expression and movement ... Etc. 
Mr. Hassan spoke about the Islamic Conference vision to the Woman, which is based on Islam that considers woman as sister of man and all of them they have equal duty, without exception, except in specific cases required by the nature of woman, and woman is half of society, the manufacturer of the other half, a partner in building society, and concluded by saying that religions should be an agent of love and peace, not Agent of hatred and enmity. 
In the last an opportunity given to women to submit their questions which have been answered by Mr. Hassan Salman. The meeting ended with words of satisfaction by women about what they heard, and they called to continue such meetings to correct a lot of false perceptions about Islam.


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