The regime in Asmara, looking for new supporters in the region
al-masar:follow up. 
The regime in Asmara is losing supporters every day one, Gaddafi’s was the example of the biggest supporters and his downfall will lose his most important ally in the region. As well as the State of Qatar is considered one of the most Arab countries an investment in Eritrea, but the recent dispute that erupted between the parties on the impact of Libya on the relations between them. More recently sent a verbal message of the leadership of the country through his ambassador, and in that a clear sign of worsening relations and the status of attendance instead of the head of the regime of the State of Qatar has become a periodic basis to communicate through the Resident Ambassador in Doha. 
In the midst of these events, the regime looks for new partners in the region to provide oil and for the head of the regime yesterday sent his special envoy, Ahmed Haj Ali, Minister of Energy and Mining to Oman to discuss this matter. This comes after the Company has increased the international independent group that has been supplying Eritrea oil her claim to the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce to come of the award last week for the group to commit the Eritrean payment immediately to the full amount owed by a value of 76.597 million U.S. dollars, added to it the accumulated interest value 11.516 U.S. $ per day from the date of 21.12.2010 until the date of final payment, plus expenses of arbitration. The decision of the Court of Arbitration when the Isaias regime refused to pay the amounts due against the payment of petroleum products received by the regime, until the company forced the international community to raise the matter to the International Tribunal. It is noteworthy that the company resorted to the international community to provide him with oil products when Saudi Arabia refused to provide him with prior years.


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