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Al-massar is the official mouthpiece of the Eritrean Islamic Congress on the Internet. It was launched in 2007 but later discontinued its service for technical reasons. Now the service is back at its launch in a new form with many of improvements in its design and its components, thus fulfilling the media requirements of the nation which lives deprived from crucial information due to restrictions imposed by the Isaias   regime. In

UAE likely to be building a naval facility in Eritrea
Declaration of Unity fusion Between Eritrean Islamic Congress And the Islamic Council to c...
In a Feminist Forum Hassan Salman: (Since our people are religious, it is not surprising t...
Break News: arrests in the ranks of the coup group in Asmara
The Eritrean Cities suffer due to the loss of electricity, water and communication lines
The President of Eritrean Islamic Congress congratulates the General- Secretary of Eritrea...
Statement of the conclusion of the second regular meeting of the Executive Office of the E...
Announce a seminar room in Pal talk Modayna
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