|  29 Nov 2022
President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress congratulates the Egyptian people
President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress congratulates the Egyptian people of the victory of the People's revolution to remove the tyrant of Egypt. 
Date 11/02/2011 will be engraved in the memory of the Egyptian People's hero people pride and dignity was not surprising that the triumph at the hands of rebels Egypt Liberals, who have made enormous sacrifices to over three hundred dead and more than three thousand wounded for the sake of freedom and a decent living and the removal of the rule injustice and tyranny which ruled the country and its people for years under the tripartite tyranny and tyranny and oppression of the defenseless people. And the revolution that came out 25/01/2011 demanding their right to decent living and is ready to offer all sacrifices in the process must prevail in order to overthrow the tyranny and corruption. And young people who excelled in the management of the crisis for a period of eighteen days and the results of the fruit of patience and Massabernhm were a step down the tyrant from office forever. 
The end of the station to tyrants is one common denominator that brought them together in the spine and contempt for their peoples, then the last leg always to the dustbin of history so it was the fate of the Shah of Iran, Marcos Philippines, and Tunisia Zine El Abidin, and then last but not least, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. 
We wish the people of Egypt and proud of each of the Arab peoples safety and security, progress and prosperity.


تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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