|  22 May 2024
Conditions in Asmara take en route to settlement
Conditions in Asmara take en route to settlement Report: Al-massar According to sources the path from the capital city of Eritrea Asmara that the group that took control of the radio building and television and the siege of a building of the ruling party was able to impose its demands on Isaias Afwerki of 14 paragraphs enshrined in the statement, which was broadcast on Eritrean TV channel when storming group of heavily armed yesterday, the most important activation of Constitution and the release of detainees and the need to stop the distribution of weapons to civilians indiscriminately. The moves conflicting under scarcity and discreetly severe in the news from the capital Asmara indicate our sources that the tripartite agreement like the settlement was concluded between the Group coup and Isaias Afwerki and Chiefs of Staff vowed whereby Isaias Afwerki to implement all the demands of the Group and are under the supervision and ensure Chiefs of Staff that life returns natural in the capital Asmara. According to the group withdrew from the agreement positions taken and dropped to stay in other strategic locations with full military forces and human under consideration and anticipation of the possibility of citizens steadfastness of the agreement and the credibility of Isaias the implementation of existing commitments. It is still an open question on the extent of awareness and understanding of the group that carried out the coup attempt to revenge psychological Isaias and accepted pledges to implement their demands, especially that first scene inevitably coup against him lie in front of them? Is Isaias Afwerki will carry out his promises this time, or an attempt to waste time and absorb the anger and then invalidate them as abolish them in the first attempt in 1993 and the G-15 reform? It is noteworthy that the leaders of the coup attempt are Gen. Osman Saleh, commander of Front and Vice nerve Gen. Filipos. Here event must be evaluated according to the following facts: We in the opposition camp should look at the event in accordance with the aspirations roof home in his demands for freedom and emancipation, and not on the roof of the demands of the opposition abroad advanced. Which adds importance of the event comes this attempt from the old guard of the system ruling and regardless of what has been achieved but is a remarkable development in seeing the army and the expression of grievances, and in any case there are elements within the army calls freedoms and denouncing injustices is a step in the right direction. Eritrean people at home and abroad, which was locked breath is eager to see the results claimed responsibility today to stand with any movements and events demanding their rights usurped and rehabilitate him. This group has the coup attempt may be treachery by bloody regime and here lies the responsibility of the international system to bear the historical and legal responsibility. Eritrean opposition forces demanding more today than yesterday need to activate its mechanisms and stand with the event in the interest of the Eritrean people and how to benefit from it in the erosion media and political system with the Arab States and the world, especially countries that have expressed sympathy with the opposition at the recent events.
Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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