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Al-massar web-site in its new appearance


To keep up with the technology and subsequent developments and to meet the requirements of distinguished customers, Al-massar web-site is pleased to present its new look/appearance to its readers and surfers, by taking the advantage of the technological revolution. The web-site will contain integrated system of extra services and many new technological facilities in order to strengthen consolidate its capabilities and efficiency to become more attractive and easier to use. 

 The web-site, in its new form will allow its readers to achieve easier accessibility and send materials by email or Face book or Twitter, printing and other services.  Furthermore, the site will have a window of Dialogue Forum which will enable readers to post comments or express an opinion on the issue for discussion.  In addition, through that window, readers can create diaries of their own after opening an account on (Google or Gmail or blogger) by following appropriate steps to create the account.

Al-massar is the official mouthpiece of the Eritrean Islamic Congress on the Internet. Its first inception was in 2007 and then discontinued the service due technical reasons. In May, 2010, it resumed again with the current updates and improvements.

According to the plan developed, the web-site will use three languages, namely Arabic, Tigrinya and English.  Both Tigrinya and Arabic are in use, since they are regarded as official/common languages ​​of Eritrea, while English is international language which we require to expand the outreach of our media.

 Initially, the site began by using Arabic and English. However, after under carrying the necessary arrangements, it incorporated the use of Tigrinya language and thus Al-massar web-site has accomplished its strategy according to its targeted objective/plans.




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