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Message from the President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress to the President of EDA


Message from the President of the Eritrean  Islamic Congress to the President of  EDA
Sent Mr. Hassan Salman, head of the Eritrean Islamic Congress letter to Mr. Hussein Khalifa, President of EDA on the results of the emergency meeting of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress, which was held at the end of the month of April to look on the results of the last meeting of the Alliance and its outcome of the results.
He explained Mr. Hassan Salman in his letter that the Eritrean Islamic Congress regarded the alliance as a political entity pioneer in the arena of Eritrean opposition made gains and recognized achievements in achieving the political consensus between the Eritrean different components, and stressed that these achievements and gains remain limited compared to the important tasks entrusted to the alliance and hopes that attaches the Eritrean people.
And to preserve the coalition, unity, and to ensure its success and continuation of the letter contained a number of key observations was signed by the meeting of the Alliance is supposed to avoid so as not to impede progress and undermine its credibility and cohesion accompanied by a vision of how the organization around in the required reform.
At the end of the message with a label representative of the Eritrean Islamic Congress in the Executive Office of the alliance called for the need to expedite the convening of the coalition to decide the future of the alliance, cooperation and positive coordination with the National Council in the executive work in the field.      


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