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Do you remove the spring of freedom summer tyranny!?
By / Hassan Selman 
We seem to put almost a phenomenon, a new Arab could be called the covenant of the spring of the Arab peoples as he went to some thinkers, the present Covenant ends with arguments continued for a period handled tongues, such as saying that the Arabs are the phenomenon of sound and they are submissive and Mstkinnon (deep sleep) , they have not experience in revolutions, but not the stability of the region except in despotism, all flaking and cracking, and highlights a new phenomenon calls for freedom, justice and the rule of law and rejects the Pharaonic and refuses the inheritance, you might have wondered in my article on Tunisia revolution over the possibility that the revolution Tunisia inspirational to the Arab nations and come to respond quickly during a revolution of the Egyptian people who McCann system and the observers expect a revolution urgent in view of the grip of iron and historical experience in the suppression of rallies and demonstrations and sensitivity of the situation Egyptian regionally and internationally and earthquake Egypt does not stop at its borders, and the outbreak of the revolution in Egypt we are facing a situation he called Arab thinker Azmi Bishara (Toncp Arabs), which is inspired by the Tunisian peoples revolutions liberal under situations of political tension and inequality and financial corruption and loss of hope in the overall reform in light of existing systems. 
In the case of the demise of the spring and summer of peoples tyranny stands on the Egyptian scene in accordance with these reflections: - 
• Disregard of the Egyptian leadership on the street and trust full and overconfidence strongly repressive organs where the official statements say that the situation in Egypt is stable and the situation is different from Tunisia and Egypt's youth is not youth Face book, and the bottom line is the argument of Pharaoh (Surely they Crzmp few) and forgot that the Egyptian leadership Guile against the peoples offset by deception lead to the demise of the systems and only brought the rules, he says (you may Those before them plotted, so Allah to pieces of the Rules of pride to them the roof above them, and the torment overtook them in terms of Aicaron) and that this disregard for its source Amaya (the one who do not seen) and seduction and the implications of the evils of self and the evils of work, said God (Allah does not guide the wrongdoers) (Allah is not the work of mischief) (what do you think of his god desires and bounty of God on flag and seal his hearing and his heart and make his vision blurred, it will guide him after God do you not remember), (Woe to every sinful liar, heard Signs of Allah rehearsed to him, then persists proudly as if he had not heard them:). 
• Start a revolution in Egypt's youth movement (April 6), and their announcement on Friday, 28 January a day of anger, revolution, and responds to the Egyptian street, of all groups with this appeal and come down to the street demanding change, above all threats announced by the official agencies have persuaded the Egyptian people that the shortest way to depose the regimes authoritarian is the demonstrations and sit-ins and opposition peaceful and the same arrogance of old down the repressive organs to disperse the demonstrators with excessive force and has fallen victim to the thousands of victims, but the Tunisian experience shows that freedom can not be her sacrifice and that the tree of liberty must be plump the blood of the martyrs and the experience of a gene for the certainty it has gained uncertainty of the Egyptian people stand with the demise of the tyrant and the experiment was as green and gray theory, talk about the theories of change and transformation in people is often shrouded in mystery, but the practical experience sufficient to remove all ambiguity in the theory. 
• It is through meditation in movement of peoples aspiring to freedom of note that the most important factors in the success of the revolutions are four: the courageous leadership by sacrificing all the things they have and do not hesitate to enter into adventures and the storming of the risks and calamities are always motto: If you are my leader or Emam so be in front of me, which is the first to descend into an arena fight and last of pull, the second and clarity of vision and adhere to it with every revolution, they must see a clear and concise and can be expressed in brief words (such as leave the tyrant - Down with the system - yes to freedom - not to tyranny - yes for justice - not of injustice) There is nothing wrong per revolution to raise from the roofs of their demands in their situation aim where each see the maximum and minimum and movement as much as possible, and the third expression of that vision and to demand strong and use the means of affecting the structure of the system and the dismantling of its foundations, and the fourth of these factors is a populist revolution and their popularity and coverage of all segments of society and away from elitism shorthand, which often give the impression that the struggle and conflict of interests or ambitions of ideology and ideas that do not touch the pulse of the street does not reflect the interests and aspirations of the people here make sure the real and the theory of Ibn Khaldun in the claim that the strong nervously backed by tribes and clans are the basis for change. 
The mass of the Egyptian revolution missed on the system attempts to portray the revolution as a movement of the Muslim Brotherhood the Scarecrow, which under the waves by the system whenever the sense of the gift of a popular attempt to gain favor with the West and sympathy, but the popular Islam - so to speak - the master of the situation in the land of Egypt, even disappeared from the interface of Islam political objective considerations that we have seen how the streets of Cairo were filled with worshipers in prayer and lifted palms beseech the Lord of the Worlds and pray for the demise of the tyrant and his rule. 
• If you have missed the religious discourse in the situation of Tunisia to quell the revolution, due to the policy of the former regime to marginalize the role of the pulpit and the mosque and the religious establishment generally making it difficult for him invokes the religious discourse in the movement of the Revolution, that the situation in Egypt was very different where the official religious establishment and the popular present and active and therefore invoked the religious discourse pro-suppression of passion is that awareness of the people were over this religious discourse Al-Mudejan Islam cannot, which calls for freedom and fighting tyranny and stripping phenomenon Pharaonic all its repercussions to be opium of the people in Thoradtha and claims of their rights with the knowledge that the phenomenon is ancient Egyptian history is a mix of Alliance authoritarian between politics and economics, and religion (Almwl - switch - wrong), it was Pharaoh's magicians, representing the religious situation in that community and so on in all systems of oppression based on the tyrant on the facade of a religious or intellectual to justify its existence and continuation of the Almighty said a story about Pharaoh: (I am afraid to change your religion or that appear in the land of corruption). 
And how much it was nice and the existence of preachers among the pioneers of freedom, dignity and resistance to tyranny in the field of editing, such as Amr Khaled - known for shunning politics and concern for the call - and he with his youth (Life Makers) to maintain security and the provision of services is no doubt that this was the most important contributions to the continuity of the revolution and continuity, and here sure what Plato said that moving away from politics or distract Blhebha where he warmed himself in that overpowers him who is without him and that like many religious people who preferred to stay away from politics and Zno they are so safe from the flames. 
• Of Sunan good which is calculated for the army Tunisian bias of the people and save it for security and record this tournament with super that this behavior is embarrassed by all armies that can suppress their people have walked the Egyptian army on the reproducibility and thus the army in the service of people and the people to receive military courtesy and honor and coherent and proved what we have said in our article on Tunisia on the need to neutralize the army and be the protector of the state, and not to the system and thus spare the country collapses community and with our tribute strong bias in the army to the people and which we hope will not turn from this position due to external pressures but there remains a question as to why out armies on the collar of the tyrant and refused to be repressive tool in his hand? 
• And repeated the same scene of the Tunisian security officers is that the turn to gangs looting and intimidation, terror and chaos, as if they were strangers to the people grieving, although we realize that it is an attempt by the system to create chaos so that makes the revolution in the case of trade-off cheap and he (stability versus hold) a beneficiary of the Jewish mind in that (land for peace), but the Egyptian people was aware and aware of where the maintenance of security person, but in perfect harmony with the army, taking advantage of the Tunisian experience and would like to confirm that way of thinking of the security services in the Arab world and one that could be repeated in each country said Come (Nay, or are they rebellious people). 
• Reproduces the Egyptian regime scene of the Tunisian regime in the processors in terms of content is an attempt venting political deal with popular demands by making slight changes of form and people are not content and system and policies, it was announced the head of the Egyptian regime, after four days of violence and terrorism practiced by the organs of repression in his dismissal of the government and the appointment of his deputy and a new prime minister with political power have been prompted to do so over the past years in an interview rejection and intransigence coupled with the expectations of inheritance, but this recent announcement was met with more than raise the ceiling on the demands of the amendment to the switch and the departure of the head of the regime and here are aware that the timing plays a big role in the world of politics because it is, in fact, (the art of management moment), what was proposed under the amendment the safe and a phased transition to the attainment of freedom and the achievement of transitional justice by political forces is no longer acceptable in light of the popular revolution that feel that the ceiling of its demands had exceeded the methodology amendment to the switch was particularly aware the people that the country's crisis more Cabinet changes are described as changes in managers not in the cabinet because the authority the fact that the text of the Constitution monopoly of the President of the fret out as willing, there is no room in which the participation of the Minister of whatever thrived here, and should be registered important note is that the awareness and social movement that is way ahead all political forces and demands of what was the political forces, but keep up the community if only from the bow to the storm and move away from the infanticide of political and here were the allies and protagonists of the political forces, but found the leaders of the declare statement is hardly a true out where (some of them draw Itlamon) It was the clear indication that he has arrived an hour to go and people realize it Bhasthe sixth. 
• In the Egyptian case clearly highlights the extent of Geography and the implications of history and policy imperatives in all its complexity have all seen how embarrassed the West, primarily the United States of America in dealing with the Egyptian case is between the auspices of the principles and values brought by the slogan of the world such as freedom, justice and equality and the interests that require stability, even if silent on totalitarian regimes and suppress their people, and therefore formed in the United States of America operations room to monitor closely developments in the field and provide processors go for graduation in the opinion of which combination of people's aspirations and interests and ensure at the same time an alternative to take into account Israel's security and highlights here the challenge is clearly in front of the popular revolution that Egypt is not like any other Arab country and that its fall would befall Bczaiah thrones, many in the Arab region and to deal with this reality requires a conscious political balance between the demands and aspirations of the self and the effects of the subject and its implications in the framework of the balance between self and subject is the political problem. 
• Events have demonstrated in both Tunisia and Egypt, we need the jurisprudence of a new civilization based on the initiative of community-based umpires Shara Mknunat common sense abiding freedom and condemn the tyranny and the search for mechanisms populism to change the evil governments and a departure from the concept of sedition, which was based upon the mind idiosyncratic in our history which has resulted in restricting Almojtmat and reaction We held fast in the concept of satisfaction with all the evils of power under the pretext of obedience to the ruler to find ourselves faced with the reality of sedition itself (not fallen into temptation) it from the temptation of the greatest of all ancient Egyptian Prosecutor attributes of the Lord Almighty and destructive to human rights? (Absolute authority corrupts absolutely) and the same jurisprudence ward off temptation is to accept the occupation under obedience to the ruler of tyranny and collapsed values and prevailed in the Ombudsman and became poverty master of the situation and was our capitals houses tin despite the presence of vast resources, all because of poor distribution and lack of justice and monopoly of the few controlling the resources and the supporting jurisprudence of justification and explanation and the prevention of strife in a country like Egypt for more than 40% of the population below the poverty line and lined with less than 20% to more than 60% of national income and climb the speakers then on the platforms to declare to the worshipers that they cause what is going on without loading the authorities any liability in that serious levels of peoples between hammer and anvil of power advocates complain to Allah, the injustice of tyrants and tyrants inks Almtoolin bad it spoiled the religion only kings and their priests behind and inks ill. 
Finally, question remains: Do you remove the spring of freedom summer tyranny!!?


Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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Do you remove the spring of freedom summer tyranny!?
Romodan Mubark
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