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Al-Massar web-site

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Al-massar is the official mouthpiece of the Eritrean Islamic Congress on the Internet. It was launched in 2007 but later discontinued its service for technical reasons. Now the service is back at its launch in a new form with many of improvements in its design and its components, thus fulfilling the media requirements of the nation which lives deprived from crucial information due to restrictions imposed by the Isaias   regime. In addition, the regime`s repressive practices and all the crimes against humanity undertaken against our people and our nation, violates all the fundamental freedoms. The regime is doing so in order to deform the Eritrean identity and to formulate a new identity for the country such that it can isolate it from its historical, cultural and social assets.
Eritrean Islamic Congress:

The Eritreans Islamic Congress is a political organization, which works to reform the Eritrean political and social situation, through the pursuit of freedom, justice, and uphold the values of religion and virtue.  It is devoted to the principles of revolution, and establishes security and stability of the nation through its moderate vision of the Islamic approach. It works by realizing the norms and moral values of society such that it achieves happiness of the Eritrean people. The Eritrean Islamic Congress was founded on the 26/3/2006 AD. It has its own institutions and organizational structures. The Congress is one of the integral members of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), which includes the most prominent Eritrean political opposition forces.

The second launch of the Al-massar site on the Internet started on 05.17.1431 Hejriya, corresponding to May 1, 2010.

Languages used by the site:
According to the plan, the site will use the three languages: Arabic, Tigrinya and English. The rationale after the use of Arabic and Tigrinya is that both regarded as official languages of the Eritrea. English is a universal language and in order to expand the outreach of our media it`s incorporated. The web-site began using Arabic and English, later after completing the necessary arrangements for the use of Tigrinya, the Al-massar had achieved its strategic goal of outreaching in three languages.

Site logo: 
Devotion to the truth and the mercy of creation. 

The objectives of the site:
1. Al-massar web-site  through its media efforts will operate  to achieve the following aims:

2. It will familiarize and create awareness about  the Eritrean Islamic Congress as an organization, its political visions and positions in the Eritrean affairs of life in all its aspects.

3. To shed light on the suffering, the injustice and the violation of basic rights the Eritrean people are subjected to and to contribute to his resistance...

4.  To link the Eritrean people to their issues and concerns. Also to create awareness of what is happening in their home country and to direct them towards what they should do.

5. To reveal and expose the criminal acts and violations committed by the regime against the people and the homeland.6. To ensure the communication between the Eritrean Islamic Congress, the Eritrean people and all civic and political forces interested in the Eritrean affairs. 

To preserve the professionalism of the mass-media and to ensure genuineness of the information, the site, Al-massar  is committed to the following principles:

1. Commitment to credibility and objectivity in the information/ media operations.

2. Ensure the accuracy and documentation while disclosing the information.

3. Avoid abuse and defamation of individuals or entities.4. Respect the counter opinion.

Topics and the items covered:

The Al-massar website provides comprehensive coverage of the Eritrean events taking place at home and abroad in relation to the political and social events. It will also provide special coverage of the activities of the Eritrean Islamic Congress through the following themes and topics:

  • News: It will provide the news coverage of the various events happening inside Eritrea and in addition about the activities of the Eritrean Islamic Congress.
  • Articles:  These will address issues in relation to the political, social and intellectual affairs of Eritrea.
  • Discussions:  Discussions and interviews will be conducted by the media of the Eritrean Islamic Congress with various political leaders about the situations in Eritrea. 
  • Reports: In this section, reports issued by the competent authorities in regard to Eritreans will be reported. Further more, reports prepared by the Eritrean Islamic Congress in the framework of follow-ups of the events in Eritrea and human rights situation will be declared.
  • Documentation:This section will publicize the documents of the Eritrean Islamic Congress that incorporate the political and intellectual visions, as well as historical and political documents related to the Eritrean case.
  • Versions/Publications: This will include the publications issued by the Eritrean Islamic Congress such as pamphlets, books and audiovisuals.
  • Studies: It is based on the analysis of important issues and cases in regard to Eritrean situation, by following the stages of the case and their causes, magnitude and effects ... etc.
  • Archive:  This will store and save materials that have been previously published by the web-site.§ Discussion Forum: This is a window used facilitate the exchange of views among the visitors of the web-site. The forum participants` will discuss and comment on the issues raised and will accommodate all the constructive views and to identify their views.
  • Photo Album: It contains photographs related to reflect the various life of Eritrea. It aims to educate people about Eritrea and the traditions and customs of the Eritrean people.
  • Our Message:  Our goal is to focus in facilitating communication between the web-site and visitors. In addition to receive their comments and suggestions and respond to their enquires and instructions.



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