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The final statement: The first assembly of the Shura Council
The final statement: The first assembly of the Shura Council Unity is legitimate demand and a lofty goal; Allah says: (And hold fast the rope of Allah societies not divided among your selves (وأعتصموا بحبل الله جمعياً ولا تفرقوا). Unity is a genuine principle underlying advanced communities and an important factor for achieving victory and the attainment of goals. It's also a political necessity that is deemed necessary for the current political scene in Eritrea. Furthermore, it is a means for realizing the desire and longings of the Eritrean people and our faithful supporters that are looking always for unity and cooperation between the various political forces. Hence as a response to that, a unity between the components of the fusion of the Eritrean Islamic Council was achieved and that has empowered the organization more power, capabilities and multiple potentials. As an accomplishment of the full unity, the Shura of the Eritrean Islamic Congress held its first historic meeting after the unification under the theme: (Through our unity we will achieve our national roles) from 23-25/2/2012 (corresponding 1-3/4/1433). The meeting was held under an atmosphere filled with spirit of optimism for achieving unity and feelings filled with friendship, brotherhood and serenity. Those values and feelings were manifested during the discussions of members that was hold in a spirit of responsibility and seriousness, perseverance and dedication to complete the work in an image which corresponds to the aspirations of all and foremost Eritrean citizens. The participants debated on the papers presented by the Executive Office, which is regarded as a part of the output of the unity in building an amalgamated and coherent organization. The meeting produced important decisions and recommendations including: Reviewed the moral and financial report of the Executive Office, praising the role of the Executive Office and its efforts, despite the constraints and the difficulties experienced by the organization during the past period. Reviewed the regulations and the controlling mechanisms of the rhythm of work: the basic polices that rules and regulates the Shura Council, Executive Office and the Financial Regulations. Reviewed the establishment of the administrative structures of the Shura Council and the Executive Office. Reviewed the political vision, strategy and future plan. Selection of financial references. The Council reviewed the outcomes of the national dialogue and its outcome (National Council) and witnesses it as a step in the right direction. It also emphasis the need for activation, development and openness to comprise everyone to reach to a state of national consensus in facing the oppressive dictatorial regime. Furthermore, it emphasized the need of strengthening friendly dialogue and communication with all the Eritrean opposition organizations, with an emphasis on the previous developments' achieved. The Council condemns the exclusionary approach practiced by the dictatorial regime. It holds the regime the full responsibility for the consequences of its policies and its irresponsible action about the nation's sovereignty and stability. The Council expresses its deep concern about the continuing and growing state of escape of Eritreans and its serious repercussions on the present and future of the country. Moreover, it strongly condemns all the trafficking acts faced by our people on the border. It holds the regime responsible to all the consequences arising from it. It also expresses its standing and strong support for the Eritrean refugees who are suffering from horrific situations. The Council calls upon all concerned and interested parties in the issue of refugees to put them at the forefront of their priorities. Also to provide refugees with security, humanitarian and legal protection and stability. The Council highly appreciates the role of the masses in support of the unification and fusion, which was brighter during the recent plight of the organization, marked by the absence of the president and some leaders in prison for six months. Furthermore, it appeals to the masses to furthermore double their support. The Council calls on all the nationalists and patriots within institutions and the national army to play their effective role in reducing the malicious acts of the regime towards the homeland and citizens who is violating the dignity of citizens and confiscated their freedoms. The Council affirmed its support for the struggles of the Arab people against tyrannical and corrupt governments, especially the dignity of the Syrian Revolution. We wish that they will achieve all their hopes for justice, freedom and dignity, development and stability. It also confirms its continuous support to the Palestinian people in establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. Once again, the Council calls upon the Somali brothers to peaceful arbitration and the pursuit of reconciliation to put an end to the tragedy that affected Somalia's land and people. And our final prayer is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds Shura Council Eritrean Islamic Congress 4/3/1433 H - 26/5/2012 AD
Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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