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The third periodic meeting of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress.


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The third periodic meeting of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress.

The Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress held its third regular meeting between 23-26/2/1433 Hegira corresponding to 17-20/1/2012 AD. The meeting was held after the course of important events in terms of self, local and regional situation, which had its reflections visible on the situation of the organization, which made this meeting unique. The topics discussed in the meeting included:

The meeting evaluated the progress of the project of national unification, in which the organization of the Eritrean Islamic Congress is one of the originators since the middle of previous year. According to the agreements and the approved program, it evaluated and monitored the performance through narrative and financial reports prepared by the executive office of the last session. The organization played its role in terms of internal and external issues with good level despite the circumstances of the detentions, which affected half of its leadership of the Executive Office. The Executive Office also identified the programs and functions for the next session.

In this context, the Executive Office paused on the objectivity and reasons to the case of arrests, which included four of its members and the President of the organization. As a result, it discussed the reasons for the arrests and the actions that took place and the efforts made for their release.

 The act of arrests was complicated problem in itself and it occurred in difficult circumstances, when the organization is in its infant stage of unification which requires the presence of all its leaders throughout the various stages until the final stage of the unification. The circumstances also coincided with the period of the conference of national dialogue carried in Assawa - Ethiopia. However, with the grace of God Almighty, the organization was able to organize and manage those problems wisely and realistically and successfully overcome the situation. Even though it was difficult test, it was also significant experience since it earned the organization internal strength, cohesion and the confidence on its objectives. It further earned it the solidarity and sympathy, politically, from the media sites and the Eritrean people at the level of supporters and friends during the periods of detention and release.

 In this regard, the Executive Office expresses its gratitude and pride for the positive national spirit shown from all the components of our Eritrean people, which exceeded the regulatory frameworks and personal affiliations, by experiencing our plight from time to time until the end, by regarding it the plight of everyone. It also offers it’s thanks to all those who contributed to the release of our detainees by writing petition and statements and also to those political and human rights organizations, media sites, dignitaries and friends. Last but not least, we extend our thanks to all those who offered logistical and moral support and all who contacted and visited us.

About the issue of the Eritrean national dialogue conference for Democratic Change that was held in Assawa Ethiopia on November 21, 2011 AD, the meeting discussed on the report prepared by the delegation that participated in it. The participants reviewed the activities and results of the conference. The participation of the organization's delegation with full membership in the conference while enduring the plight of arrests represented a clear picture of the strength of will, determination and institutional organizational structure.

The convening of the conference about the national dialogue is regarded as a success and an important step performed by the Eritrean opposition movements in the direction of building confidence among themselves. It also develops ways and means of resistance that commensurate with the changes and requirements of private and regional situation. The meeting appeals to the National Council to fulfill its role and responsibilities in the required manner, confirming our organization's readiness for national commitments with the National Council on his mission.  It also hopes to have a broader national coalition to include all the active forces of the political opposition movements and civil societies.

In addition, the meeting reviewed the deteriorating economic conditions and political and security situation plight of Eritreans due to the policies of a totalitarian regime. The suffering of Eritreans inside Eritrea is worsening and the human freedoms and rights are restricted and abused. There are lacks of jobs and the project of forced militarization of all citizens is aggravating. As a consequence, the rates of escape of young people to neighboring countries are warning of empty country from its citizens in the near future. In addition, the regime forms a threat to the regional security and integrity, which makes us emphasize that the regime is evil and that we should get rid of it. We hold Isaias's regime responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country. Hence, we urge all Eritreans and political forces to redouble their efforts and strengthen the means of resistance, such that we can get rid of it at the earliest possible opportunity. Furthermore, we request the international community to notice the suffering of the people and seek to end the injustice. We renew our call to the humanitarian and international human rights organizations for the protection of Eritrean refugees and the provision of elements of stability and decent living for them.

In relation to the regional issues, the meeting followed up the conditions of brotherly Somalia with great concern, due to the renewed hostilities between his sons, and the crises of famine which is frightening and taking the lives of thousands of Somali people. We hereby appeal to end the fighting and bloodshed and return to dialogue and peaceful solutions. We also call upon the international community to intensify its support and increase its relief to save Somalis from the monster of famine.

The meeting also discussed on the situation of the Arab's revolution movements aspiring for freedom and dignity. It reiterated its solidarity with them. It wished them success in the completion of their transformative reform and in achieving the aspirations of their people and dreams.

The meeting also expressed its joy for the initiative of unity between Hamas and Palestine's Jihad, which will contribute to the strengthening of the unity of the Palestinians' and enhance their nationalism and their struggles, praying to God for them and all the Palestinian forces to unify and victory in their justified cause.

Executive Office

Eritrean Islamic Congress 



Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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