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Statement of the conclusion of the second regular meeting of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress

After the unification process witnessed by the organization last May, the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress held its second periodic meeting, from Monday to Thursday (26 to 29/09/2011). The meeting was chaired by Vice President, Sheikh Ibrahim Said, due to the detention of Sheikh Hassan Salman, President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress by the Saudi authorities in the last month of Ramadan when he went to perform Umrah, for reasons unknown. The meeting discussed a number of issues and topics related to political, organizational and above all the problem of detention of the President of the organization by the Saudi authorities. A comprehensive report was submitted by the team assigned to follow up and study the problem of detention. There, all the aspects and dimensions of the problem and its influence on the organization and the Eritrean situation were discussed thoroughly. It also discussed the various attempts made to accelerate the release of the Sheikh. The meeting has also confirmed the importance of intensifying efforts and takes additional steps to promote the release. It also recommended the necessity of issuing an explanatory statement on the detention of the President of the Eritrean Islamic Congress Sheikh Hassan Mohamed Salman to create public awareness about the sensitivity and the situation of the issue. Furthermore, the executive office thanked all the brothers who called to check on the safety of Sheikh and those who expressed their sympathy and their solidarity with him. The Executive Office has also evaluated the reports on the performance of the office and work of the committees formed in its last session. The performance was good. In relation to the preparation for the transitional period of the unification, the Executive Office has authorized a number of papers prepared in accordance with the nature of the unification agreement by the designated committees. In line with the transitional phase, the Executive Office has authorized the Statute, the strategic vision and political vision. In addition, a number of rules and regulations which operate the activities of the organization, its structures at various levels of its organization were rectified. The meeting also discussed the political situation and tragic situation of our Eritrean people due to the autocratic policies and practices of the dictatorial regime. The meeting deplored the forced military recruitment and particularly the recruitment of girls, which is a violation of Eritreans’ values and dignity. In the realm of the Eritrean opposition movements, the meeting has followed the ongoing preparations by the Eritrean National Commission to facilitate the success of the conference for national dialogue that will be held in the coming month of October. Hereby, the Executive Office acknowledges the efforts of the commission for the good preparation. For the sake of the success of this conference, it also recommends more proficiency in order to avoid whatever leads to the weakening or questioning of the results. Specifically, this conference is the regarded as detrimental factor in the march of the opposition movements and the Eritrean people and concerned friends are eagerly anticipating with a lot of hope. Hence, the Executive Office wishes the commission every success in its endeavor. In relation to the conference for national dialogue, the Executive Office has chosen and nominated members that will be participating in the national dialogue. It also clarified its vision in relation to the controversial issues between the opposition forces and decided to work and collaborate with all parties until consensual agreement is reached which can satisfy all Eritreans. In terms of the global issues, the meeting discussed about the situation of Arab revolutions that are in search of freedom and dignity, the victorious of them and those seeking to achieve victory. The meeting affirmed our solidarity with them and that we wish them success. Furthermore, the meeting confirmed its solidarity with the Palestinian’s right in establishing their independent state. Finally, the Executive Office concluded by paying tribute to the masses of the Eritrean Islamic Congress on their interaction with the programs of the organization. It also encourages them to exert more efforts and contribution. Furthermore, it appeals to the Eritrean people residing at home and abroad not to respite for the regime and work in a spirit of solidarity to resist by all possible means. And Allah bless and guide to the straight path.... Executive Office Eritrean Islamic Congress 1/10/2011  

Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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