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Delegation of the Eritrean Islamic Congress, continues to meet with the participants in the National Dialogue Forum
On the evening of 02/08/2010, the delegation of the Islamic Congress, led by Professor Hassan Salman met with Mr. Omar Jaber and Uncle Saleh Hioti in a thoughtful and defined interview about the current Eritrean political situation, where the exchange of attendance words of appreciation and respect for each other and, the visions and policies of the Congress has been defined and was impressed by the two leaders also exchanged joint assessments on the status of Eritrean opposition, and discussed how to develop and enhance their role, as well as to pause, especially around the forum and its goals, which was held for them and to worship Allah to work for its success as a tonic and an event of historic significance in the march of the Eritrean opposition. 
On the other hand, the delegation had in the afternoon of 03.08.2010 a meeting with young people participating in the forum from different countries Muslims, Christians and others. More than 35 young people, addressed by Mr. Salman, with an introduction in which he expressed his pleasure to meet them, discussing the features and characteristics of the youth, saying: If you could read the youth attitudes, you can read the future, also he gave a view of Islamic conception of the universe, which affirms that this universe has a creator and a mastermind. He also discussed the religious and cultural pluralism and social development of the Eritrean society, affirming that religious society and that any one wants to deal with the Eritrean society must be accompanied by in their dealings. It also focused his talk on the value of dialogue as a humanitarian, religious, and he called to establish the value of dialogue in dealing in all aspects of life. He pointed out that our fight with arms to the Eritrean regime not because it is a Christian, but for failing to provide freedom and dialogue, and the case of weapons its practices imposed by the dictatorship. It was stated in the context of the vision of the Islamic Congress in the State as a political vision based on the concept of a civil state, a country at peace with its people and not conflicting with it, and its ruling will be choosing the people, and depend on the separation of powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, and is characterized by the compatibility between the components of Eritrean society. 
This has met with the delegation in the evening the same day for Mr. Abdul Aziz Ahmed, director of site Togoruba which the parties exchange business world and both sides exchanged concerns of the Eritrean media work, and in cooperation to serve the cause.


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