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The final statement Emergency Meeting of the Executive Office Eritrean Islamic Congress

The final statement

 Emergency Meeting of the Executive Office Eritrean Islamic Congress

On 5-6/06/1433 Hegira, corresponding to 26-27/4/2012 AD, the Executive Office of the Eritrean Islamic Congress gathered to discuss a number of current issues in the Eritrean political arena, including the output of Eritrean Democratic Alliance sessions and to take necessary measures based on the report submitted to the Executive Office.

About the future of the Alliance, the Executive Office reviewed all legal references, regulatory and policy set by the previous conference of the Alliance and that it recommended and stressed to adapt structures and institutions which comply with the output of the national dialogue.

The Eritrean Islamic Congress emphasizes the struggles and achievement of the Democratic Alliance and the importance of the accumulative accomplishments until it laid the ground for the Eritrean National Council. These are regarded as positive developments for the overall struggle of the oppositions forces and the majority of Eritrean political spectrum and civil society institutions.

In this context, the Executive Office appreciates the efforts made in order to adjust the positions of the Alliance with the requirements of the sensitive stage that Eritrea is witnessing.  In the opinion of the Eritrean Islamic Congress,  the findings on adaptation discussed in the final session of the Alliance, is not enough; especially after emergence of many questions and divergent positions. Based on the background of the nature of organization of the forces of the Alliance, the Eritrean Islamic Congress calls an urgent conference of the Alliance by which it can identify its vision about its future political and organizational line and the nature of the cumulative efforts of the opposition which was initiated by the Democratic Alliance.

The Eritrean Islamic Congress renews and reaffirms the need to implement programs and policies of the National Assembly and its institutions. It also reaffirms the need to avoid fragmentation of the efforts, particularly after all those combined achievements of the political oppositions and civilians.

About the recent rumors related to the health status of the head of the Eritrean regime (although he appeared in the mass-media) has revealed the nature of the situation and the risks of dictatorship and the dependency of the country in the personality of the President and linking the fate of Eritrea by his presence or absence. This event has shown that there is no substitute else than building institutions of the state based on consensus, compromise and balance. Dictators, no matter how much they grip the military and security institutes, they are unable to achieve stability and prosperity. Hence, the Eritrean Islamic Congress takes this opportunity to reiterate the need to escalate the struggle in all its forms against the repressive regime in order to restore the rights stolen by force.  Furthermore, it appeals to the Eritrean people at home and abroad and both the political forces and civil societies the need for cohesion and unity in order to cope with the justified national cause. At the same time, it stresses that the mission of change and overthrowing the regime is the sole responsibility of Eritreans and the support of brothers and friends remains as a catalyst.

As to the role of the Eritrean defense forces, it should carry out its responsibilities in the defense of the national homeland and safeguard the sovereignty and align with the will of the people. The task of the national army is never shielding the dictatorship, the suppression of freedoms and emptying the country from its human resources.
The Executive Office expresses its sincere solidarity with the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and dignity.

Executive Office

Eritrean Islamic Congress 

28/4/2012 AD

Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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