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Declaration of Unity fusion Between Eritrean Islamic Congress And the Islamic Council to call for reform in Eritrea
In the name of Allah the Merciful 
Declaration of Unity fusion 
Between Eritrean Islamic Congress And the Islamic Council to call for reform in Eritrea 
Unit is considered a high value and the principle of inherent and the need for community-based urgent and essential factor to achieve the objectives and the attainment of objectives, and a very legitimate requires sit and urges the meeting and the rejection of the band and awareness of the seriousness of the stage facing the Eritrean people and which require the solidarity, cohesion and cooperation in support of the confidence and determination to restore efficiency to the fundamentals of the Islamic Eritrean Movement and principles and contribute to the achieve national unity and end to longings and aspirations of the Eritrean people and the masses of the two groups, and the belief that the time has come and the conditions were ripe, subjective and objective to correct our mistakes and laying the foundations of building a strong nation proud over its failures and transcend rumination obstacles to unity and start to build a homeland lofty without exclusion or cancellation, to accommodate the capabilities of each of his sons, therefore, declare organization of the Islamic Congress and the Eritrean Islamic Council to call for reform in Eritrea for their reaching an agreement Unit fusion Under the name of (The Eritrean Islamic Congress). 
Dear Eritrean people. 
Come this important step the product of a series of dialogues where the methodology was initially agrees on 27/07/1428 e 27/07/2007 was the culmination of this dialogue, the signing of the Unity fusion between the two organizations as of 06/24/1432 e 27/05/2011 agrees has touched on the issues of dialogue the past with all its weight and the realities of the present in all its complexity and the Prospects for the future with all his concerns and hopes, starting with the assessment of the experience of struggle, Eritrea's passing through the movement of Islamic Jihad in Eritrea, both positively and negatively, the performance of speech and the results where identical visions, ideas and views in most of the elements and subjects of evaluation through identifying the intellectual, political, regulatory and procedural from which the organization and determine its course and pay his future In this context, it was agreed as follows: 
• Unit fusion direct integration of institutions and structures of the two groups at all levels on the organizational foundations that have been agreed upon. 
• Political vision, which included the characterization of the Eritrean problem and identify the principles and premises also included policies and means, and the general framework of vectors political issues in the Eritrean arena at the level of Eritrean opposition and the vision of the regime in Eritrea. 
• General Conference will be after three years from the date of the signing of the unit fusion. 
Dear Eritrean people: 
We gladly this announcement the birth of this new entity under the name of the Islamic Congress, the Eritrean reaffirm our full and our hard work according to organizational policies, objectives and basic elements to continue the dialogue with all national forces, the Eritrean and joint action and intervene to bring about national unity and seek to establish a state of justice and law and freedom and rid the Eritrean people from suffering caused by the dictatorial regime that we carry all the crimes he committed against the Eritrean people and asking them to learn from the systems of oppression and tyranny, which tumbled and full down to stop practices that humiliated our people proud, and we call upon all patriotic forces of Eritrea to the dialogue and rapprochement and access to national unity Eritrean overall. 
In conclusion, we affirm our support for the Palestinian people and their right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, and we stand by the Iraqi people to end foreign occupation of their land and call upon our brothers in Somalia to bridge the gap to put an end to the tragedies that affected Somalia's land and people. At the same level, affirm our solidarity with the will of all peoples aspiring to freedom and dignity, justice, and we declare our sympathy with the absolute brotherly Sudan under the circumstances with the exceptional situation passes by and we hope to prevail in a climate of peace throughout Sudan, and our thanks and appreciation to all who support the cause of the Eritrean people fair and legitimate states and nations especially the neighboring countries. 
Islamic Council to call for reform in Eritrea 
The Eritrean Islamic Congress 
Date: 24 May 1432, corresponding to the other May 27, 2011


Romodan Mubark
تهنئة بعيد الفطر المبارك
Romodan Mubark
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